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Chardonnay wine: what does it go well with ?

An essential drink for aperitifs and meals, wine is a very popular alcohol due to its different grape varieties that allow it to accompany any dish or occasion. Despite what is said about tastes and colors, it is generally accepted that some alcohols pair better than others with particular foods. Chardonnay wine is a must, but it is still necessary to get to know it in order to appreciate this beverage at its true value.

Chardonnay wine : what is it ?

It is to Burgundy and its green grape vines that we must attribute the origins of Chardonnay wine, Chardonnay has been diversified into different terroirs. Among them, we find the Côte de Beaune, the Chablis and the Mâconnais with diversified aromas. The grape at the origin of Chardonnay wine is able to adapt to different types of soils and climates, allowing it to be grown all over the world.

The domains produce this beverage in different ways, such as the domain Brocard which favors organic agriculture.

The climate affects the growth of the grapes and thus the taste they bring to the drink: in the hottest climates, the aroma is then fruity and with tropical flavors. Conversely, grapes grown in cooler areas give an earthy, apple and pear taste. Finally, the temperate climates are conducive to obtaining soft and fleshy beverages, evoking peach and citrus fruits.

On the other hand grape varieties of Chardonnay wine Chardonnay is also used to make champagne and other sparkling spirits. Combining these varietals with others will result in a very elegant drink.

What to pair a Chardonnay wine with ?

It is a very rich tasting alcohol, capable of blending with a multitude of flavors’occasions and dishes. Thus, it can be tasted during an aperitif but also during meals. It can be enjoyed with red or white meat, with a slight preference for white meat. If chicken is a commonly used option, roasted turkey is an equally suitable alternative.

It is also perfect to accompany salads and their light taste.

It also goes very well with fish and seafood, whether raw or grilled. We recommend trying it with shrimp, sea bass or lobster to bring out its flavor. At the end of a meal, Chardonnay wine goes perfectly with cheeses and desserts such as coconut cake, due to its natural acidity.

Due to its wide aromatic spectrum and its many terroirs, Chardonnay is a very versatile drink, which is why there are few foods that do not go well with it.

What to pair a Chardonnay wine with?

How to store it ?

Not all white wines like to be kept for a long time, but Chablis can be fully appreciated after 5 years. In the case of the great vintages, this period can go up to 10 years before it can reach its peak. Despite its good aging capacity, it will remain preserved on average for 3 years. If you want to to preserve your Chardonnay wine several factors are then taken into account:

  • The temperature must remain within a range of 12 to 20 degrees Celsius, at the risk that the alcohol evolves too quickly or too slowly. Keeping the beverage in the cellar is the best solution, but if the season proves too hot, you will probably need to equip yourself with an air conditioner in order to keep a correct room temperature.
  • In the same way, the’The hygrometry (read the humidity level) must be between 50 and 80% to avoid any problem. A too low humidity brings the risk that the cap dries and shrinks, oxidizing the drink. The opposite case favors the appearance of mold on the cork and the label. A humidifier allows to rectify a too low hygrometry, but if your cellar is relatively small, it is possible to fill a container with water, then to place it close to your bottles.
  • Lay your bottles horizontally: the cork must be in contact with the liquid in order not to dry out. However, you can put the bottles in an upright position if you are transporting them or storing them for a short period of time.

Now all you have to do is You can enjoy this tasty beverage.