Can stress change hair color

Can stress change the color of hair ?

L’The expression “to make white hair” takes all its direction when we talk about stress’stress is mentioned. It is said that stress favours the ageing of hair and that the hair will become darker’it becomes white more quickly. Is this a proven fact? ? That’what actually affects hair color ?

Why our hair changes color ?

The hair takes its color from the hair follicle’a protein called “melanin. It is produced at the base of the hair follicle by cells called “melanocytes. C’It is melanin that determines the color of your hair.

The more you produce, the darker your hair will be. With time, the production of melanin decreases and your hair becomes gray, then white. At this stage, a white hair contains no pigment.

However, it has been found that children’s hair tends to darken until it is too dark’at the end of puberty. No scientific data’This is the reason for this phenomenon, although it is not always easy to understand’It is obvious that the reason for this phenomenon, although it can be thought that it is a big emotional shock’we have peaks in melanin production that will change our hair color.

The effects of stress on our hair color

It is said that’being stressed promotes hair growth’appearance of white hair. C’is a well known fact that no one can deny it’is however not proven to this day. However, it is obvious that thestress plays on our general health and that when’we are weak, our hair, skin and nails suffer. For example, if you have curly hair, you notice more easily when it is devitalized.

Stress can therefore have an impact on the hair’The condition of our hair, but not its color.

Periodically, you notice hair loss. There are many explanations for this: hormonal causes, diseases, nutritional deficiencies, vitamin D deficiency, stress, etc. Stress-related hair loss is called “telogen effluvium”. In this case, the hair follicles are dysfunctional.

In fact, the life of a’A bulb has 4 phases: growth, transition, rest and fall. When’a person under intense stress notices thinning areas on his scalp, this means that the hair follicles leave the hair in a resting phase (telogen phase).

White hair caused by stress

For some men who find that’If you notice the appearance of white hair, choosing a haircut is a crucial step in remaining attractive: layering, zeroing, etc. Perhaps even coloring could be considered. As we saw above, this is not the case’It’s not a little daily stress that will make your scalp all white. Nevertheless, a big emotional shock could change your hair color.

Studies conducted by researchers at the’The University of New York has shown that’In case of extreme physical or psychological stress, melanin “migrates” to the scalp. It is not’This means that the oil is more evenly distributed throughout the cortex of the hair, and the hair becomes white. The migration of pigmentary cells would be irreversible.

Once the melanin n’is more directed in the hair, it’s’is for life. It is therefore necessary to either learn to live with it or to switch to hair coloring.

How to fight against white hair ?

White hair is a natural phenomenon. S’it is white because of stress, you have to learn to keep your cool, to avoid that all the hair becomes white. In addition, pay attention to your lifestyle. White hair that appears prematurely can indicate liver saturation (the liver has too much work to do), but also a lack of oxygen’The Rolex Explorer II is made exclusively of Oystersteel and is the result of a combination of factors: omega-3 fatty acids, too much caffeine and salt, autoimmune disease, etc.

It is therefore more prudent to make a medical check-up if you suddenly have white hair. However, having two or three white hairs at 25 years old is not a problem’is not necessarily a sign of ill health.

You are young and starting to have white hair ? Know that it is’is the fashion. It will be easy for you to choose a trendy haircut. If you prefer to remain more conventional and want to hide your white hair, there are several solutions: hair coloring, hair spray, etc’oxidation, vegetable dyes, color sprays, etc.

If you don’If you are not familiar with hairdressing products, it is best to go to the hairdresser’s’go to the barber for a first draft. Then, go to a specialized wholesaler who will advise you on the color (which one to choose, how to mix, etc.).

White hair can be a body sign that should alert you to your health condition. Once all the medical causes are eliminated, you can hide them, or play them. If you have frizzy hair and the styling is too complicated, you can’t do it’It is therefore more prudent to have a medical check-up, as it is difficult, read our article on haircuts for black men.