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Wine conservation : which products to invest in ?

A perfect wine with a strong taste must be treated with care. Like a field of golden wheat preserved from the polluting activities of mankind, preserving wine requires the right balance between the place, the position and the temperature in which your bottles of wine rest, no detail, even the most insignificant, should be neglected. For those of you who want to treat yourself to the best in wine preservation, here are some tips and information for you.

What are the wine conservation products to have ?

Essential products are inevitably necessary when you decide to use a sauna keep your wine longer to create a better taste of the beverage. The mother key of this long-term process is the storage. To follow and make this phase last as long as you want for your wine, you need to have these elements in your possession, and you can of course buy them on sites like Wine and Barrels.

The wine cellar

The principle of a wine cellar is to store and age your wine bottles in the best possible conditions. With the progressive innovation that mankind has been improving over the years, the wine cellar has been modernized to offer you the opportunity to store your wine at home in better conditions.

It is obvious that you have to choose your wine cellar according to the size of your home, but it must also meet all the needs of the wine, for a long conservation and a favorable aging:

  • Store and age in the right conditions
  • Serve wines at a stable temperature
  • The aesthetics of your wine cellar to match the decoration of your home
  • The absence of light and noise is essential
  • A controlled humidity is also to be preferred

The wine rack

A second product can be useful for the good conservation of your wine: the wine rack. Unlike the famous wine cellar, the wine rack offers those who want a more immediate solution for storage. A practical and decorative piece of furniture, this kind of product especially dedicated to wine is much more available than the wine cellar in all France, either online such as on the site Wine and Barrels or in wine stores.

Very solid, the wine rack is not only a storage solution for your wine bottles. This can also be a good way of displaying for those who perceive wine bottles as collector’s items. In addition, the wine rack can be constructed from various materials:

  • Made of wood
  • In stainless steel
  • In iron

Both robust and aesthetic, the wine rack is also a removable storage space. At any time, you can move this one in your home without worrying.

The wine rack

The barrel

For those who wish to preserve their wine from a particular food, it is the best choice’If you are looking for a product with an aesthetic similar to a classic barrel, you should know that there is a product that can meet your expectations: the barrel. Indeed, the preservation in oak barrels is a good way to bring a better taste to your wine. The wood in question gives an important quality of tannin to the wine.

Therefore, it brings a woody character to your drink.

It is also possible to get a suitable barrel at your home on the Wine and Barrels website. This one offers you a selection of choices regarding the conservation of your wine.

At what temperature to keep your wine ?

Although wine requires a specific place to preserve its flavor, or even improve it, it is important to know that your beverage is and will remain influenced by the atmosphere that surrounds it, more precisely the temperature in which it rests.

Know that the most adequate temperature for the conservation of your wine is of 12 degrees. In the case that it goes beyond 14 degrees, the aging of your wine will be more difficult’accelerates. Otherwise, if the temperature drops below 10 degrees, the aging process slows down.