Consultation of a doctor online an alternative to adopt!

Teleconsultation to help with the shortage of general practitioners

At present, several regions in France have very few general practitioners, and there are even some that have not had the benefit of any medical doctor for months or even years. These numerous medical deserts either cause patients to resort to the emergency services of large hospitals (which often involves travelling a great distance), or to forego care because of the constraints associated with it (which can worsen the state of health). The consultation of a doctor online could be an effective solution to correct this situation.

Consulting a doctor online: how does it work in practice? 

From the outset, it should be remembered that the consultation of a doctor is not an end in itself’an online doctor is a medical visit carried out at a distance, through a video transmission tool. This communication between the doctor and the patient by means of interposed screens allows the latter to benefit from the expertise of the health professional without having to go to a hospital or practice. The same requirements and the same rigor are required during the consultation of an online doctor.

General practitioners, dental surgeons, midwives, ophthalmologists… several hospital practitioners can solve health problems, or refer to more competent specialists thanks to this telemedicine. After online questioning and examination, patients are issued a digital prescription, which is sent to them by email. This method of operation ensures that the document is forgery-proof and saves time for the pharmacist and ensures that the patient is served quickly.

All of this takes place within a well-defined legal framework, which needs to be clarified.

What to remember about the legislation on teleconsultation ?

In October 2010, the decree n°2010-1229 defined five telemedicine procedures (the consultation of a doctor online, tele-expertise, tele-medical monitoring, tele-medical assistance and medical regulation), as well as the conditions of their application. Since September 15, 2018, the health insurance and the unions of liberal doctors have signed an agreement to deploy telemedicine.

This agreement allows n’Any patient can claim this insurance in the context of a teleconsultation. However, it is important to specify that not all health problems can be treated remotely; there are specific cases where it is possible to consult a doctor online, and others where it is not allowed.

In which cases should you consider consulting a doctor online ?

From a teleconsultation platform or application offering an optimal level of data protection, it is possible to call on a health professional to obtain, among other things, a medical opinion, the renewal of a prescription or a medical treatment’The same requirements and the same rigor are required during the consultation of an online doctor, but also for the follow-up and re-evaluation of a prescription’a treatment. And that's not all: it is also possible’It is also possible to undergo examinations and to benefit from the prescription of a specialist’a complementary assessment.

With the advent of consultation of a doctor online, no need to go to the hospital for these reasons (more info on Astuce-sante). On the other hand, in emergency situations such as an asthma attack, an ulcer crisis, a loss of consciousness…, the call of the SAMU or a direct consultation to the hospital are more indicated.

An advantageous solution on the long term ?

The online consultation has several advantages, and not the least. As previously mentioned, it has the merit of solving the thorny problem of medical desertification. Thanks to the online consultation of a doctor, no need to wait 3 months, 6 months or even a year, or to travel considerable distances to get the opinion of a health specialist.

An appointment can be made in record time, and very quickly, the patient can be fixed. No more long waits in the waiting room before seeing a doctor.

This telemedicine This deodorant is also an effective solution for people who are unable to move around for reasons of physical disability, for example, and makes life easier for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, who need regular monitoring. The online medical consultation avoids the physical and financial constraints related to repeated trips to health care facilities ! Teleconsultation also benefits companies and administrations, insofar as it helps to maintain and optimize the productivity of workers. No need to take a day off work or go away for a few hours to see a health professional, since this can be done via an online medical consultation platform. With the advent of COVID-19, the prevention of which implies the respect of a physical distance, the relevance of consulting a doctor online is no longer in doubt !