Who and what are Mission Health compression stockings and socks for?

Who and what is the use of compression stockings and socks ?

Some people are still under the impression compression socks are only used for elderly people; this is totally wrong ! Doctors prescribe them for different needs to people of both sexes and all ages. We know among other things that they are very effective in combating phlebitis during long flights, but what are their other uses and for whom are they intended?

What function ?

The objective of compression stockings is to compress the leg in a graduated manner, particularly at the ankle, in order to bring blood back to the heart and thus combat venous stasis. This compression of the veins helps prevent damage to their walls and relieves the heaviness and pain felt in the legs.

There are different levels of compression which are represented in classes from 1 to 4. The first one is prescribed for a soft compression while the class 4 is used for more serious cases with a very powerful pressure. This level is very little used in France. Contrary to what you may read on the Internet, there are some very nice compression stockings available today.

You can discover many models of socks here.

First of all, people who suffer from venous disorders should consult their doctor who will be able to prescribe them a pair if necessary, because compression stockings are covered by the Social Security. An examination will determine whether the patient should use them for problems of heavy legs, edema or varicose veins.

Who are they for? ?

Most of us already know that these socks are very useful during long trips by plane, bus, or even car. But they also have several other uses that will require stockings of different classes.

For example, some people who have to stand for a long time because of their job can benefit from wearing compression stockings socks of contention to relieve their legs which tend to become heavy at the end of the day. We are thinking here of nurses, hairdressers, cooks and other professions that could improve their conditions thanks to class 1 stockings.

For people who suffer from leg pain, varicose veins or edema at the end of the day, a class 2 stocking will be prescribed.

Finally, people suffering from the following ailments should wear class 3 stockings: varicose diseases, people who have already had phlebitis, varicose ulcers, wounds as well as individuals who have large pinkish or brownish spots on their ankles.