Our tips to prepare the pool during spring

Our tips to prepare the pool during spring

Spring is back. Indeed, the sun is becoming more and more persistent and present. Moreover, birds fly and sing at every turn. However, this is not a happy time for pool owners. These are the most important tasks of the pool cleaner unclog their pool.

And what’The landscape they discover there can sometimes seem less interesting and not at all pretty. Nevertheless, there are tricks to prepare your pool effectively during the spring. Here are a few tips that we suggest.

The big cleaning of the pool

The first step of the preparations for this period is the hard work. Indeed, the pool must be cleaned from top to bottom. It is therefore necessary to start by cleaning the shutter box and the shutter jet.

Afterwards, it is necessary to recover all the leaves that have fallen into the pool by using a quality net. This will remove the main impurities in your pool.

The cleaning must continue with the cleaning of the water line’It is not only necessary to clean the water but also to vacuum the pool to make it clean. These are the most important tasks to be carried out during the first phase of spring maintenance. To do this, you must devote the necessary time to achieve quality work.

Because it is very beneficial for the other maintenance work to be done on a weekly basis.

Starting up the pool’technical installation

After these first works, it is important to continue the maintenance of the pool because it is not finished yet. Moreover, the water in the pool has not yet lost its freshness. It is therefore advisable to start the heating process.

For heat pump owners, it is advisable to wait for the end of the night frosts as they do not allow for significant heating of the pool. However, the ideal is to put the pool filter in operation even 12 hours a day. This allows you to have and keep a very clean pool water. But it is important to clean and rinse the filter during this spring period.

If the pool water is green in color, you need to add products if necessary.

The pH first !

For a clean pool, you need impeccable water quality. To do this, it is urgent to evaluate the’condition of your pool. Thus, for that, different options are offered to you.

The first value to check and adjust if necessary is the pH level. Therefore, if the pH level is high, it is necessary to add pH min. In the opposite case, it is required to add pH Plus.

But to obtain a really clean water, it is necessary to add a flocculant. This product allows to precipitate small impurities in the water.

The second step is to use the pool cleaner to make the water crystal clear and pleasant. After checking the pH level, it’s the chlorine’s turn. It is necessary to adjust it as much as possible. At this level, these are the two rates to control and adjust.

Other parameters will be necessary to check in case the water is green or brown.

It is therefore very important to clean your pool during spring to avoid unpleasant surprises.