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What is the PUK code ?

When purchasing a SIM card, the customer care agent usually suggests to take care of the PIN and PUK code of the SIM card. No doubt you have an idea of your PIN code knowing that you eventually use it when you restart your cell phone. However, the PUK code is rarely used.

Unlike the PIN code, the PUK code is less known, mainly its usefulness, however it is important.

You always wanted to know the role of a PUK code on a SIM card ? We will explain its usefulness and the reasons why it is necessary to preserve its PUK code.

The PUK code (Personal Unlocking Key)

The PUK code is a code that is used to unlock the PIN code of a SIM card when the latter is deactivated. It is a code that has 4 to 8 digits depending on the mobile network. It is only called upon when you have inadvertently inserted 3 wrong PIN codes. In addition, it can happen that someone without your permission makes false attempts to use your PIN code on your SIM card.

Automatically your SIM card requires your PUK code protecting your data.

It has been set up to protect your personal data in case your cell phone falls into the hands of malicious people. If your cell phone is lost or stolen, you won’t have to panic about the data on your SIM card.

Although the PIN code is a code to be memorized, the PUK code was not designed for this purpose. But it has been designed to be kept and used as soon as you forget your PIN code.

You can find your PUK code on the plate of your SIM card. However, if your SIM card was sent through the mail, you will find the SIM card and a letter attached. Just read the letter, the PUK code is usually found on the enclosed letters.

However, you can misplace your PUK code, please call the customer service of your mobile network.

In a few words, the PUK code has proven to be as important as the PIN code. On the one hand the PUK code allows you to unlock your SIM card and on the other hand it allows you to reset your PIN code. If you have lost your PUK code, we would like to warn you. Please do not insert your PUK code incorrectly several times just because you have an idea of the code. Indeed, when you will have reached a certain number of attempts (6 to 10 times), your SIM card will automatically become unusable.

If you find that you are no longer in possession of your PUK code, simply call customer service. A teleoperator will ask personal questions related to your SIM. If the answers are correct, they will disclose your PUK code by phone, message or email.