Steam cooker the practical guide to choose well

Steam cooker: the practical guide to choose

The health benefits of steam cooking have been recognized by dieticians. This method of cooking is ideally carried out by the steamer, a dedicated device. The tool is nowadays essential among the household appliances.

We wonder then what are the real advantages of the steamer and how to use it to better enjoy it. Discover in this article our advices to choose your device.

What is a steam cooker ?

The steamer is a tool composed of a base that holds water and several steam baskets that are stacked on top of each other. The baskets are placed above the water tank and are intended to contain the food to be cooked. It is therefore possible to cook several foods simultaneously.

When the steamer is activated, the water heats up and the steam spreads to all the compartments.

You can easily monitor the cooking process on transparent models. However, some timer cookers allow you to program the cooking time and do other things. The device allows you to cook:

Fish steaks or fillets;


Vegetables and fruits ;

Soft desserts.

Cooking is done at a gentle temperature of 80° maximum in most cases. It should be noted that the new models of cookers solve the problem of bland taste noticed after this cooking. You can find a steamer with an aroma diffuser or other additional options to have food cooked and pleasant to taste.

The different types

Several types of steamers are available on the market. First of all, there are the steamers with baskets which are very sophisticated. They are affordable, but require frequent checking of the cooking progress. You will find electric models very practical and easy to use.

With the increasing development of the sector, these models are subject to several improvements that allow to have electric cookers with interesting features.

The third category is that of the steamer for microwave. It has the particularity of being usable in the microwave and not on the fire as the first model mentioned. It is made of propylene and can withstand temperatures up to 160°C.

It can also be made of silicone and can withstand temperatures of over 250°C. However, it is still similar to the basket cooker and allows for very fast cooking.

The advantages of the steam cooker

The cooker allows you to preserve the nutrients present in your food. It favors a healthy and gentle cooking that does not require the addition of fat. It cooks meals in a way that preserves soluble vitamins and minerals.

Unlike boiling water, the steamer Preserves the texture of your fruits and vegetables. Fish and meat retain their full flavour and the fat in meat dissolves, which is good for your health. L’It is ideal for making purees or concentrated fruit juices.

In addition, you can easily add flavor to your meals. It is possible to add water:

All its flavors will infuse in the rest of the food to be cooked to give a good smell and taste to your meals. In addition, the steam cooker saves energy with its ability to cook several foods at once.

How to use and maintain ?

To cook food with the cooker, simply fill the jar with water and place the food in the appropriate compartments. Then you have to start the timer according to the type of food and start cooking. It is advisable to use a small amount of water so that you can add more water if necessary. This allows for faster and more efficient cooking.

Be sure to place foods that cook longer, such as meat, near the boiling water compartment.

To optimize the durability of your stainless steel steamer, clean it by hand with a damp cloth to remove any food residue. Then, carry out a regular descaling with white vinegar. It should be noted that some models are dishwasher safe.

How to make the right choice ?

The purchase of a cooker is based on your culinary needs. However, you’ll need to choose durable and practical equipment.

Frequency of use and materials

If you plan to use your appliance regularly, it is best to choose a quality model. If not, a medium range cooker is better to get you used to. It should provide you with optimal comfort and ease of use. It is also necessary to choose quality materials. The stainless steel steamer is durable, but its price can quickly climb.

The plastic device is offered at a good price, but it is necessary that it is BPA-free to preserve your health.

Capacity and other options

If you choose an electric cooker, make sure you choose a power level between 600 and 1000 Watts. For a faster cooking, you can opt for a high power of 2000W. In addition, the capacity will be determined according to the number of people to be served per cooking. The cookers can generally contain food for 2 people and more.

Check the possibility to adjust the temperature to suit specific foods. Other additional functions can be available.

Top 4 best steamers

If you have trouble deciding, here are 4 products that will satisfy you.

Moulinex Steam’up Steam Cooker

With this compact equipment, you get 8 automatic programs to cook various foods and make complete dishes. There is also a manual mode. The tool adapts to all sizes of dishes and delivers a continuous temperature of 100° to preserve the nutritional content of food. With this device, steam cooking is simple and very practical

Aicok Steam Cooker

This manufacturer offers you an electric cooker with a power of 800Watts. No more time to waste in your preparations; the equipment has 3 steam baskets and a total capacity of 9L. It cooks a wide variety of foods and has a digital timer.

For your safety, it turns off automatically when the water runs out.

Aigostar Fitfoodie 30CFO – Cooker

This cooker is distinguished by its design which harmonizes with all kitchen decorations. This is a BPA-free electric cooker that allows you to cook quickly thanks to its 800W power. Easy to use, it has an anti-heating system and a very practical water level indicator.

Beka 12030034 Polo Steamer

The durability is with this stainless steel cooker, offered at a very good price. With a capacity of 5L divided into 3 bodies, it is 24 cm long and does not take up much space. It can be placed on any type of fire to cook several foods.

Moreover, it diffuses heat harmoniously thanks to its capped bottom.