Personalize and print all your cards at a mini price

Personalize and print all your cards at a mini price

After a few years of being out of fashion, the card has come back into fashion since the beginning of the health crisis. Today, there are websites where it is possible to personalize and download your cards to print from home. Simple and quick, this service is ideal when you don't have a stationery store nearby or when you find that there is something you want to wish for at the last minute.

The greeting card to personalize and print

Who has never realized, 10 minutes before leaving to celebrate a loved one's birthday, that they forgot to buy a greeting card. Today, on Carte Discount, you can remedy this problem by editing your own cards. To do this, it's very simple, just log on to the site and choose the card to print that suits you best among hundreds of available models.

What type of greeting card can you find? 

On the Discount Card website for example, you will be able to send your greeting cards for various occasions:

  • For birthdays
  • For the holidays
  • For Christmas and New Year
  • For a thank you
  • For a birth
  • For a retirement
  • For a wedding
  • For a retirement
  • To present condolences
  • Support a person in convalescence

In addition to greeting and thank you cards, you will also find models of invitations to send for special occasions:

  • Birthday invitations
  • Wedding invitations
  • Baptism invitations
  • Birth announcements

To make a splash at a party, to mark a special event, you can also find bottle labels to print and personalize according to your desires.

How to personalize your card to be printed ?

You must print a birthday card for a friend, there is nothing easier. Go to the publisher's website and choose the type of card you want to look for in the birthday cards to print category. You will be able to specify your choice, especially if you are looking for a card for a child's birthday, a birthday card for an adult, a birthday card by age or a humorous birthday card.

For even more originality, you can even personalize a birthday diploma or a birthday card with the front page of a newspaper.

How much does a card cost to print? 

On some sites the price of the cards to be printed varies according to the quality of the file to be printed. For a low quality on Carte Discount, your cards will be free. Nevertheless, for a better image quality, a small financial participation will be asked.

For example, for a 100 dpi file, it will cost you 0.50 cent per template to personalize, which is a small fee, because once you receive your template, you can print it as many times as you want.

You want to find an original way to wish something, to thank someone, to offer your condolences or to invite someone to an event or a party. The printable card is a quick and economical way to send a special message to your friends and family.