Sauna session what are the benefits?

What are the benefits of a sauna session? 

Wood smell, intense heat, important perspiration: yes, you are in a sauna ! Coming straight from the Nordic culture, the sauna is now enthroned in many signs of well-being and relaxation. Excellent for your heart, your muscles and your mind, discover all the benefits you can get from a sauna session.

Sauna and hammam: what are the differences ?

The beneficial effects of heat The effects on the body and the organism are no longer to be demonstrated. Popular and now marketed for individuals, saunas and hammams are places of relaxation and absolute well-being ! Instead of moving, bring the sauna to your home: with Ambiance Bien Être's teams, invent your own relaxation space and have it delivered directly to your home. Four differences distinct between sauna and hammam are to be noted:

  • Their origins: while the hammam is an adaptation of the Roman baths and spas, the sauna was born in Scandinavia and has been part of the Nordic culture for many generations;
  • The design of the saunas: mosaics, tiles and earthenware cover the walls of the hammams while the saunas are entirely made of wood from floor to ceiling;
  • the type of heat released: the hammam produces a humid heat of about 50°C. Often filled with steam, the humidity level of a hammam can reach 100%. As for the sauna, it diffuses a dry heat. With just over 25 to 30% humidity, the sauna is much hotter: its ideal temperature is 80°C;
  • the heating technique: a steam generator heats the hammam while the heat of the sauna is provided by different technologies, such as infrared panels, wood, gas or electric stoves.

What are the benefits of the sauna ?

Approved by scientists and professionals, including high-level athletes, the benefits of the sauna on the body are real :

  • relaxation of the body and mind, anti-stress effect, release of tensions thanks to the release of endorphins favored by the heat;
  • optimal recovery after a sporting effort;
  • relief from aches and pains muscular pains and aches and pains;
  • stimulation of the blood circulation (phenomenon of vasoconstriction), reinforcement of the cardiovascular system and maintenance of blood pressure;
  • evacuation of toxins and dead skin thanks to the phenomenon of sweating associated with the dilation of the pores of the epidermis (under the effect of heat). The cold shower following the sauna session will tighten them up;
  • Soothe certain skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, hives);
  • strengthening of the immune defenses (stimulated by this "artificial fever") and the production of antibodies and white blood cells "called in reinforcement" ;
  • helps to fall asleep.

Shower after each sauna session: for hygiene (to clean your body of all the perspiration that has been evacuated) and for efficiency. Have you ever seen the Scandinavians rolling around in the snow when they come out of the sauna? ? The technique is ancestral and gives a boost to the body. A sauna session is also the best way to relax cocooning gift ideal to offer to your partner, your best friend or your mom !

What are the benefits of the sauna?

Can you lose weight by taking a sauna session? ?

A sauna session Classic wine can not make you lose weight unfortunately. However, the sauna can become a real ally accompanying you in your weight loss :

  • the sauna allows to evacuate the salt present in the body and to reduce its needs in water. The more water the human body stores, the more it tends to swell (stomach, thighs, buttocks…). You do not lose weight or fat, but you refine and redesign your figure ;
  • the sweat generated by a sauna session also helps you to eliminate stored water;
  • a sauna session, lasting about 30 minutes, allows you to burn 300 to 500 calories just from the heat and perspiration;
  • the cold shower taken after and between each sauna session (you can alternate: sauna, shower, break, sauna and so on): by lowering the temperature of your body, it will have to burn a lot of fat (its fuel) to produce energy and maintain your internal temperature at 37°C.

The sauna will not make you lose weight, but it can help you burn calories, evacuate salt and water from your body and refine your silhouette. Combine your sauna session with regular physical activity to quickly appreciate the results of your efforts.