AAA Mutuelle the health insurance comparison service according to your needs

AAA Mutuelle : the mutual insurance company comparator according to your needs

Because health is essential, it is necessary to go to a professional when the need arises’in fact feel or in anticipation. Nevertheless, the cost of health care is expensive, which can discourage some people from going to a professional’to go for medical care. Having a mutual insurance company to benefit from the best reimbursements is certainly an investment, but it is possible to have the best mutual insurance for your needs’find interesting ones at reasonable prices, the sector being competitive.

AAA Mutuelle compares for you all the complementary health insurance plans on the market to find the most adapted to your needs as well as to your budget among more than 4500 plans’to your budget, and this, free of charge and without subscription.

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AAA mutuelle finds you the right The most adapted mutual insurance to your needs and your budget among more than 4500 complementary health insurance plans. Its database is regularly updated, allowing you to take advantage of the latest market offers. Whether you are interested in optical, dental or general practitioner reimbursements, AAA Mutuelle will find the best possible offer for you. Without further delay, discover AAA Mutuelle.

To better understand your needs, the site asks you to fill out a small form with your contact information and the details of your needs. It is also possible to search by profile type, according to your age, professional status or specific need.

What are the profiles proposed by AAA Mutuelle ?

Among the different profiles that AAA Mutuelle offers, the following are found:

Senior Mutual Insurance

Seniors generally have more health needs than adults’other profiles’insured. Indeed, with the’At this age, weaknesses and illnesses appear that are less common in younger people. The senior health insurance The cost of the insurance will often be higher, since the insured will have more chance of being covered’go see health professionals regularly. In some cases, it will even be necessary to find a solution for your budget’The lack of vitamin D in the body can cause the appearance of different types of illnesses, and this can lead to the need for more advanced equipment (walkers, dental implants, dentures, home help, etc.).).

To have a mutual insurance company that can cover all’of these needs is important. Nevertheless, it is interesting to’Go to a comparator to find the most economical complementary health insurance to meet your needs’avoid spending all your retirement on health insurance.

Senior Mutual Insurance

Young Mutual

If often the mutual insurance for young people are less expensive, because the’it is considered that’they are less likely to be affected by the disease’If you have health problems, it is important to be prepared’be prepared in case the worst happens. In fact, being young does not put you at risk’shelter d’hospitalization or chronic problems such as myopia. C’This is why’it is essential to subscribe to an appropriate insurance policy, so as not to have to advance too much money in case the worst happens, especially if you have to pay for the insurance’a student budget is often quite limited.

D’elsewhere, it is compulsory to buy meat’to have a health insurance to protect your health’What are the criteria for judging the quality of the daily hospital fee?’higher education institution. Also, there is no point in wasting time, we might as well look at the solutions that exist right away. For this purpose, AAA also compares the best mutual insurance companies for young people available on the market.

Family health insurance

How to take care of your happy tribe ? With a complementary family health insurance, of course ! In fact, there are individual mutual insurance policies that only cover the company’individual who has subscribed to the’a d’You can also join a family health insurance plan, which may concern the child’s members’the same household. Economically speaking, it is more interesting for members of the association to have a personalized cup’If you are a married couple or not, with or without children, you can choose to subscribe to a family health insurance plan rather than to go for medical care’to several individual mutuals. Please note that many family-owned mutual insurance companies do not have any such products’The price of the meat increases from the third child onwards, which makes it a very advantageous solution for large families. This type of contract also offers certain specific and interesting services such as daycare, health care and other services’home help or school support.
H3: Mutual insurance of’company

The law requires companies to offer a mutual insurance to their employees and to cover at least 50% of the cost if they subscribe to it. Must be included in certain reimbursements grouped under the name of basket of care, such as :

  • l’the totality of the daily hospital fee
  • a minimum of 100 € for an optical package renewable every two years
  • l’full coverage of the co-payment for procedures, services and consultations reimbursed by the Social Security (including reimbursement of teleconsultations)
  • 125% of the basic Social Security rate for health care’dento-facial orthopedics and prosthetic dental care.

L’company must be aware of this’However, there is nothing to prevent them from subscribing to a mutual insurance company that offers health insurance best reimbursements. To find the best complementary health insurance for your company, AAA compares the latest offers on the market among more than 4500 offers.

Family health insurance

TNS Mutual Insurance

The self-employed also have specific offers for them, such as’who do not have the possibility to take advantage of a special offer’a complementary health insurance plan’company. The TNS mutual insurance is often less expensive than the mutual insurance company of the same name’special company health insurance for employees, in order to’Encouraging self-employed workers to seek medical care. A study has shown that this type of profile consumes less health care costs.

To further encourage them, the law has set up tax advantages for this type of mutual insurance. Joining a mutual insurance company allows you to deduct the amount of contributions paid to the mutual insurance company from your taxable income. AAA proposes a myriad of contracts adapted to the needs of the TNS among all the offers available on the market.