Personalized cups a good idea for your events

Personalized cups: a good business idea’promotional object for your events

Communication is crucial to the success of a company. To implement it, we generally use traditional media such as posters, television, flyers, etc. Promotional items can also be used to boost your sales.

Personalized cups are among the most popular goodies. Find out why you should use these products for your events.

Why opt for personalized cups? ?

The personalized cup with your company logo is a real asset for your communication. First of all, this object is useful in all kinds of circumstances. It allows your brand to be visible to a large audience, and this, on the long term.

A study shows that 69% of respondents keep the goodies they received because of their usefulness.

The Promotional power of the personalized cup is reinforced by its ability to be reused. In concrete terms, this promotional item will associate your company with the noble cause of environmental preservation. Thanks to the personalized reusable cup, you will send out the image of a brand that cares about limiting waste.

In other words, it will highlight your ecological commitment. People who are concerned about the future of the planet will not be indifferent.

Moreover, the personalized cup allows you to deploy a powerful communication strategy at a lower cost. Indeed, this type of promotional item is not very expensive. What’s more, it is often possible to benefit from discounted prices depending on the quantity ordered.

Which material to choose ?

The personalized cup can be made of all kinds of materials. It is possible to find polypropylene models. This plastic material allows to make reusable cups able to withstand extreme temperatures and dishwasher safe.

Polypropylene products also stand out for their very affordable prices.

If you are looking for a more ecological alternative, you can turn to the cardboard models. These cups are recyclable. To ensure their watertightness, their interior is covered with a thin layer of plastic.

Vegetable-based cups are an alternative. They can be made from bamboo, corn starch or rice. These cups are also recyclable.

In addition, they are stronger than plastic products. That said, they are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

If you are looking for reusable cups with a unique design, opt for aluminum models. These products are known for their durability. It is therefore the best solution if you want your brand to benefit from a long term visibility.

Aluminum cups can also be recycled.

Ceramic cups also stand out in terms of longevity. Indeed, they are highly resistant to wear and tear and scratches. These cups are also very heat resistant.

They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Which material to choose?

For what occasion the’use ?

The Opportunities to use a personalized cup are multiple. You can distribute this promotional item during your professional events (seminars, open days, team building, etc.).). It will enhance your brand image with your customers and partners.

On the side of the employees, this product will consolidate their feeling of belonging to your company.

It is also a good idea to use personalized cups during a sporting event. They always attract a lot of people. This is an excellent opportunity to boost your visibility.

In addition to your logo, your personalized cups can be branded with the colors of the sporting event.

On the other hand, it is possible to offer personalized cups for cultural events such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions, etc. Many people also go to these events. It is a good idea to give your customers a cup with your company colors to quench their thirst, which will create an attachment to your brand.

How many cups to order ?

For Determine the quantity of cups to personalize, You will have to take into account the number of participants at the event during which you plan to distribute them. Ideally, it is advisable to provide one cup per person. If it is impossible to define an exact number, base your choice on a similar event you have organized or participated in. In case you don’t have any markers, don’t hesitate to ask for information from drink distributors.

These can help you evaluate the number of personalized goblets to order.

You can perfectly buy a small quantity of cups. Be aware that manufacturers usually impose a minimum order volume (from 100 cups for example). Also keep in mind that the larger the quantity, the lower the unit price.