How to recognize the quality of a meat

How to choose your meat ? Our tips for buying better !

Meat is an everyday consumer product. What’on the’If you like it rare, medium or well done, you will enjoy it much better if you choose quality meat. How to know if a meat is qualitative ? By what criteria do we judge the quality of a product?’a meat ? Are there any labels to certify the meats ? Here are the basics to know to choose your meat.

Which meat to take to the butcher shop ?

Butcher shops offer all types of meat: poultry, pork, horse meat, veal, lamb, beef and tripe products. In a butcher’s shop, you will find a wide range of products products for immediate consumption. In addition to the fact that’buying quality meat, eating at the butcher’s shop allows you to benefit from the best advice on the subject.

L’The artisan butcher is in fact an expert We have a lot of experience in the preservation, preparation and cooking of meat. Some even specialize in horsemeat (horse butcher) and tripe products.

For people who are looking for ways to eat local, it is advisable to find the best artisan butcher in your city, or at least a butcher who offers French meat. However, some of the meats of’The only exceptions are from more exotic origins such as the picanha from the United States’Argentina or Galician beef from’Spain.

How to recognize the quality of a meat’a meat ?

The quality of the meat is recognized in 5 points:

  • The color Beef must be well-balanced red and shiny. A piece of beef that is dull and turns brown is not a good choice’is not of good quality. For pork, it should be pale pink and the fat is supposed to be white. As for lamb and veal meat, it is pink and shiny’In the case of lamb and veal, it is dark or pale pink. Finally, good quality poultry is white.
  • L’aspect Good quality meat has a marbled flesh with fat (except poultry). However, some people don’t know where to find it’do not like this fat, but it is’is the uniform marbling of the meat that gives it its taste.
  • The texture To judge the quality of the meat, the touch is the most important criterion. Nevertheless, it is’is once returned home that’one can judge it. The tenderness of’How to recognize the quality of a meat is measured by its ease of cuttingand chewing. High quality meat cuts easily and melts in the mouth.
  • The juiciness The initial juiciness concerns the presence of water in the meat’water in the meat, while secondary juiciness refers to the lipid content of the meat. A quality meat is therefore balanced and n’is not dry.
  • The flavor Flavor is defined as the sensation that’you can feel in your mouth when the meat flavours are released. C’is the’Overall taste and texture’smell.

In addition to the’origin of the meat, there are some labels who can give you clues. The red label ensures you that the meat comes from’an ethical and ecological production process. The regional labels designate the first category of meats.

In addition, you will find a’other labels such as AB (organic farming), PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and PDO (Designation of Origin)’Protected Origin).

Finally, if you have information about the time of maturation of the meat, c’is even better ! The more a meat is matured, the more the collagen of the muscles disappears and the fat can finally melt in the muscle for an extra tender meat.

Where to buy quality meat ?

You can find quality meat near you, or even on the internet, in an online butcher shop. If you live near a’If you buy your meat directly from a farm, you can buy it directly from the producer. Level short circuit, you can’t do better !

Butcher shops are businesses that inspire confidence. Nevertheless, ask around and don’t be afraid to ask’You can only go to a farmrtisans butchers. Indeed, some butcher shops buy from the same suppliers as the supermarkets… It is therefore essential to identify the butchers in your area.

The last solution to buy quality meat is to buy it from a supplier’is the online butchery. Why buy meat on the internet ? Some more exotic meats are difficult to find: Wagyu beef from the United States, for example’Spain, premium beef d’Argentina, black pig of Bigorre PDO… The in-line butcheries sometimes allow to discover new meats, often intended for professional catering.