Choosing your fixtures well

Choosing your lighting fixtures well

The choice of its lights is always difficult. Each room is different, and requires different lighting styles and moods. Combining style and light efficiency can quickly become a headache.

A living room with adjustable light

The living room is with the kitchen a central room of the house. A place that we want both cosy and bright, to watch a movie with family, have an aperitif with friends, or simply read a good book. The ideal is to opt for a light fixture with variable light intensity like floor lamps and table lamps. This makes it easy to vary the lighting moods.

For a comfortable reading without tiring the eyes, a stronger light that can be softened for a movie night on the sofa. The addition of spotlights and indirect lights that can be directed, can illuminate and highlight decorative pieces, to give even more style to your decor.

A friendly kitchen

The kitchen is once again a living room, and no longer just a place where meals are prepared ! With the advent of “American” kitchens open to the rest of the house, it is now a room in its own right. We meet there to have meals, sip a little drink while cooking. To be able to cook in optimal conditions, it is advisable to use lighting fixtures that illuminate the entire room, delivering a homogeneous light. You can use suspension or ceiling lights.

You can let your imagination run wild, choose lights and choose metallic materials for example.

A room where it is good to read

The bedroom is a special room in a house. The bedroom is dedicated to relaxation, it should be lit by a soft and subdued light. To be able to read or spend time on your phone, in bed in a cosy atmosphere, you can choose a bedside lamp with warm tones, with a direct light that allows a good reading comfort.

Of course this is not enough. You will need to add one or more light fixtures, such as suspension or ceiling lights. The lamps you will use must produce warm lights in order to illuminate while preserving the cosy side of the room.

A Zen bathroom

It is important to note that the bathroom is a room that often has no windows and therefore no natural light. The idea will be to try to reproduce natural light for gentle awakenings, when you get ready to leave for work. When it comes to natural light, it is advisable to use LED lights that are close to outdoor light. You can choose spotlights or linear lighting around the mirror. It is necessary to have good lighting to shave, apply makeup or brush your teeth ! You can add a ceiling light with a more diffuse light.

The goal is to light the room while preserving a soft and non-aggressive atmosphere.