How to choose your Charliebirdy advertising calendar

How to choose the right advertising calendar ?

The advertising calendar is a communication tool used by companies for years. It is the most frequent year-end gift from stores and various establishments. For your employees or your customers, the calendar is a practical and powerful advertising object.

But to gain visibility throughout the year, it is important to choose your calendar well’enterpise.

A calendar that meets your needs

Making corporate calendars should have a well-defined strategy. Take the time to determine what your objectives are for this distribution before placing your order. If it is too commercial, your calendar can easily end up in a drawer or in the trash.

This present should be functional so that the people who receive it do not hesitate to use it. But it should also include essential information to make your company known. The logo, the slogan and contact information of your company.

You will have to define the quantity of calendars to produce and the budget you wish to allocate to this production. This amount will then help you select the type of calendar that will contain the messages you want to pass to your audience.

A practical calendar

The selection of your calendar must have for finality to give a practical tool and that will be really used. For this, you will have to choose the right format and define the details that appeal, whether it is the pagination or the material of the calendar. You will thus have to choose between the various models of calendar on the market:

The bank calendar

It is the most known and the simplest of the advertising calendars. It is an A3 cardboard, often rigid and sometimes flexible, which can be hung on the wall or placed on the desk. In this way, it becomes an ideal support to write notes and remains within reach of the eyes to prepare a planning.

Some models can have a dedicated area for note taking, but above all a large space in height for the visibility of the brand.

The easel calendar

This corporate gift It is mainly offered to privileged customers and partners. To be placed on the desk, it can have a small or large size. The point to remember is that the easel calendar has more surfaces to illustrate through its leaves. You can personalize it with pictures of your team or your products.

You also have the possibility to choose non-advertising images such as panoramas of the country or personalities. This type of calendar can also become an aesthetic decorative element in an office.

The pocket calendar

Its first characteristic is its small size, but it is also its main asset. A pocket calendar can be pungent or rectangular with an image or only a logo and your colors. On the other hand, it can easily be slipped into a wallet or a notebook to be carried everywhere.

You will thus benefit from an increased and long term visibility. At a business fair or during a promotion in your store, you can offer this type of calendar to your customers for their purchases.

You can also find A4 calendars, A5 calendars or even high-end calendars made of wood. The latter is often produced by a craftsman and offered to the works council or to major clients.