I can’t lose weight what can I do

I n’can’t lose weight: what to do ?

You dream of having a sculpted body, and you can’t lose weight ? Just follow a few steps that will help you achieve your goals and reach your ideal weight.

Understanding why weight loss is not happening

The road to a slimmer body is full of obstacles. Strict diets end up losing their effectiveness and are not part of a sustainable weight loss.

In addition, it is important to combine a healthy diet with regular physical activity. Your mental strength plays a big role in the way you conceive your body, and the remarks of those around you can be discouraging.

There are so many parameters to take into consideration during your journey. With alphabody.fr, you have access to personalized weight loss programs. Simple and effective techniques are presented, and cover both the types of diets and the different components of a good sports training.

I can't lose weight: what can I do?

What are the right habits to lose weight ?

Losing weight is synonymous with discipline and rigor.

A balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet is necessary to get rid of those extra pounds. It is necessary to use a dietary program that is based on a caloric deficit. There is no question of depriving yourself completely.

With a nutritional program adapted to your body and your needs, you will burn more calories than you consume.

An adapted physical activity

The key to success is to combine a proper diet with regular physical activity. A sustainable weight loss is necessarily accompanied by the development of muscle mass. Regular training is recommended.

It is not a question of resorting to intensive sport which will result in an overload of your cardiovascular system. Focus on regular physical activity that will give you the recovery time you need to build muscle mass.

Plan a “cheat meal” day

Restricting yourself from eating sweets and fatty things for weeks or even months on end is almost impossible to maintain. Follow a strict diet without break” day ends up being demoralizing and even counterproductive.

That’s why it’s good for your metabolism, and especially for your morale, to plan one cheat meal day per week. During this day, you are allowed to eat whatever you want. For example, every Sunday, you can take advantage of an outing with friends or family to treat yourself to a good dish and a dessert.

The only condition is that it lasts 24 hours, never more !

Plan a 'cheat meal' day

When to consult a specialist ?

Excessive weight, which is defined as a BMI of more than 30 kg/m2, needs to be treated by a specialist.

There are several types of specialists who can help you on your journey.

A dietician or a nutritionist The use of a diet adapted to your caloric expenditure and your nutritional needs.

A psychologist specializing in overweight and eating disorders is also recommended, especially if your overweight problems are related to certain psychological conditions.

Stress and depression can be the cause of eating disorders such as bulimia. The use of cognitive behavioral therapy will help you identify and treat your problematic relationship with food.

You should also consult a specialist if your attempts to lose weight by combining a healthy diet with regular physical activity are unsuccessful.

Our advice to help you lose weight

Weight loss requires a change in eating habits and the implementation of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Adopt a good diet on a daily basis

It all starts on your plate ! Building muscle mass requires protein. A balanced diet often lack a high protein intake, necessary for the development of muscles involved in sports sessions.

Plan balanced meals, rich in proteins and vegetables. Favour good fats and whole grains. Avoid snacking between meals, and instead include energizing snacks such as dried fruit or almonds.

We recommend that you turn to protein-rich food supplements to supplement your diet and achieve results more quickly. Whey protein, commonly known as Whey or Whey, is the most sold dietary supplement in the world to those who practice bodybuilding.

This protein is highly recommended as it will help you develop your muscles and optimize your weight loss program.

Adopt a good daily diet

Follow a complete sports program and adapt to your needs

A good nutritional program goes hand in hand with a effective training. It is often difficult to organize sports sessions. We recommend that you don’t focus on the length of the workout, but instead focus on building an effective session.

You don’t need to spend hours every day at the gym. Instead, opt for a well-structured session, between 60 and 90 minutes, and divided according to your body parts. You will thus work on your strength and endurance, while avoiding the risk of discouragement and injuries that can occur with longer sessions.

It is important to consider the volume and intensity of the workout based on the goal of your session. If you want to reduce fat, it is advisable to perform between 12 and 15 repetitions of endurance strength. Finish your session with high intensity techniques such as step-down sets or superset strength training.

If you are planning an training in three sessions per week, you can plan a program divided into three parts:

  • chest / shoulders / triceps ;
  • back / biceps ;
  • legs / stomach.

Thus, each sport session will target a muscle group and will help you to better manage your program.