Prepare a wedding with which artifices for the animation

Which fireworks to use for a wedding ?

The moments lived during the wedding are indelible memories for the couples who decided to take this step. This explains the meticulous attention to detail. Using fireworks to mark the atmosphere or the theme chosen by the bride and groom is a common practice. Smoke, light shows and confetti bring a magical touch to the festivities.

However, in order not to fall into excess, it is wise to select the adequate fireworks.

Four fireworks to use at a wedding

There is a wide range of options for enhancing the beauty of a festive event with light or gas effects. This trend is not new. Companies such as Planète Fumigène and the equipment they use have evolved.

To be sure of the result, it is better to look at the most popular types of fireworks. The most common ones are those to be strategically placed on the cakes as well as inside the reception hall. The goal is to magnify the space and attract the attention of the guests.

Smoke bombs

Far from the weapons of the police force, smoke bombs are very popular accessories in weddings. For the festive versions, you can even choose the color of the smoke :

  • Blanche;
  • Pink;
  • Bright colors, etc.

If you want to decorate the background of the photos, the portable fireworks are for you. For this, it is preferable to plan an outdoor photo shoot. Besides that, technicians can cover the dance floor with vaporous clouds during the key moments of the party.

This is especially the case during the group performances of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The fireworks

The fireworks The fireworks close the evening, leaving your guests undoubtedly amazed. This will definitely be the case if the show lasts long enough, with a phenomenal explosion of colors. The wedding photos will be sumptuous with a sky full of colored and flamboyant flashes.

However, a legal point must be respected. The possession of an authorization is required to launch fireworks. Check that the place of reception has a permit as well as a dedicated outdoor space.

In addition, the handling of the fireworks by an experienced fireworker is strongly recommended.

The scene jets

Stage jets are the indoor version of fireworks. Generally, these devices are placed on the front corners of the stage or encircling the track. During the dance of the bride and groom, they amaze the spectators when they project vertically light filaments.

The scene jets are a solution for the organizers of wedding having only a room of festival. It is another way to make the assembly vibrate with emotions throughout the event.

The cake fountains

This is not a similar installation to the champagne fountain. The cake fountains are tubes that look like those that contain confetti. Instead, they embellish cakes and tables with a multitude of sparks.

They are to be planted in relief where you want it on the room. The illusion created is that of a continuous stream of falling stars. Arranged in a circle around the bride and groom during the photo shoot, they guarantee extraordinary shots.

How to choose your equipment ?

Concerning the smoke, some people can not stand the smoke released by the devices. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the surroundings during the time of use of these devices. If you intend to hold them manually, specialists recommend varieties with a handle. The material produces a significant heat during its emission time, it is the best option.

For the bottom smoke, those with pins are economical and without installation requirements.

How to choose the right material?

As for the fireworks, the companies offer different formulas according to :

  • Their duration ;
  • Their power;
  • The number of rockets used.

Rather than doing the preparations yourself, hire a specialized company. Of course, you will have to allocate an equivalent budget, but you will minimize the accidents.

To be placed on a support, the scene jets are among the most affordable devices on the market. Nevertheless, just like fireworks, they are among the dangerous pyrotechnic objects. Therefore, the same precautions must be followed, with the permanent assistance of a pyrotechnician.

Finally, for the cake fountains, choose the ranges with the longest lighting time. As an indication, one minute should be the minimum duration. To avoid spoiling the moment when guests gather to take pictures, opt for the odorless tubes. Generally, they are stamped with a badge with a CE standard certification.