Why choose a Charliebirdy U-shaped kitchen

Why opt for a U-shaped kitchen ?

When choosing a kitchen, one can feel lost in front of the many possible choices. U-shaped kitchens are the trendy and popular models at the moment. But why would you ? There are in fact many reasons that confirm the Choosing U-shaped kitchens on the one hand for its functionality, but also for its aesthetics.

Here are our reasons for choosing this type of cuisine.

The U-shaped kitchen: what are the advantages ?

If we choose this model of kitchen, it is primarily for its functionality and the advantages it offers. This type of arrangement’This type of arrangement fits the dimensions of the house and offers a certain freedom of movement. It is also a model chosen for its ability to be fitted. Indeed, one can choose to place cabinets in height or not to put any to let the light circulate. You can also choose the size of the work surface and the place of the sink.

The possibilities of’the layout is endless and will match the configuration of your room.

The main advantage of these kitchens is the way they they separate the spaces. You can, for example, dedicate the longest part to a worktop and a dishwashing area, and then dedicate one side to the oven and microwave. This way, you will be able to delimit the space for preparing dishes, washing up and cooking. Depending on the model you choose, one side can even become a dining area or bar.

It is also a model that allows you to adapt completely to the room without requiring additional work, a window in the middle of the wall will not be a constraint for example.

How to arrange a U-shaped kitchen ?

Contrary to what one might think, these cuisines do not require large surfaces and are not reserved for homes. The central space only needs to be at least 1.5 meters, this is the only constraint for the room. The key is to have the right advice to properly design the’space for’a u-shaped kitchen.

This configuration allowsarrange your workspace to your taste. You can install furniture on three walls to form a U-shape and still fit the shape of your room. But it is also possible to make it on two walls to leave a free side available to be transformed into a bar or a high table.

You can choose to open this table on your living room or your dining room according to the layout and the exposure of your house.

If your room is not bright, you can optimize your storage space in the lower part of the room so that you don’t have to install high cabinets. This will allow you to not absorb the light. It is also up to you to choose whether or not to install an extractor hood.

Ideally, you should place these kitchens near a window to take advantage of natural light and make the room feel larger.

Why call upon Kitchen Plus ?

Now that you’ve chosen a guest list U-shaped kitchen for your home, you have to buy and furnish it. For this, it is strongly advised to call upon professionals, they will listen to you in order to realize your project in the best way. The ideal is to exchange ideas before starting to buy furniture and work.

Kitchen Plus offers this service, either remotely, by videoconference, directly at your home or in their stores, it is possible to make an appointment with designers to study your ideas of arrangements.

Why use Cuisine Plus?

Their website offers you a free simulation to visualize your future kitchen in a house or in an apartment. You will also be able to discover their range of colors for all the equipment as well as their choice of furniture. After having visualized your space, you can make an appointment to have concrete plans.

Then, you will just have to choose your composition, order and install the furniture. Kitchen Plus has several stores, so you can talk about your project with his staff and you can see the furniture. If you don’t feel like a handyman, professional installers are available to install the furniture.

In a few clicks and in an easy way, you will get the kitchen of your dreams.