Who to invite to your wedding

Who to invite to your wedding ?

If there is a difficult mission when you want to make a beautiful wedding, it is the guest list. It’s not easy to sort out your entourage and it’s always upsetting when you forget someone. But you should not do too much, because each person is important to us, and you may want to do something family that fits you. This day is so important, you’ll probably want to invite the whole world.

However, it is crucial to keep your feet on the ground and choose the people you really like, the party will be more beautiful.

How much money?’who to invite to a wedding ?

No figures n’exists and is only required for to create a good wedding. Do according to your criteria and needs. Also consider the location of your event, if you have a small space, it is important that everyone feels comfortable and can celebrate your wedding as it should be.

It is essential at first to see wide enough, do not hesitate to create several lists in order not to forget anyone. Ask your partner’s parents and your parents to make a list. You can give your other half the task of gathering the lists on his or her side to remove duplicates and people he or she doesn’t want to see.

Do the same, because it is very likely that you have names in common.

If you have people you don’t want to have at your wedding on a list, know that it is important to know how to say no, if you finance your wedding yourself, it is crucial to have the last word on the list. It’s important to face your goals and tell yourself that you are paying, so you have the right to disagree and do as you wish.

How to choose them well ?

We will now give you some tips to Do not forget the most obvious people. It is complex to think of everything, be careful before launching your invitations with the popcarte site.

On the list, it is necessary to add you, because when you are going to place an order with some providers, you must not forget yourself in the accounts. You also have the right to enjoy what you offer to your guests.

Do it in order of circle, first think of your parents, your sisters and brothers with their spouses and children, then think of your grandparents. Then, so, you continue the list by thinking of cousins and aunts.

Now it’s time to think about your friends, invite your loved ones, the people with whom you want to celebrate love. Think about the people who have gone abroad, it will be a pleasure to see them again to celebrate with you.

It is also reasonable to invite the people who invited you, whether you like it or not, it is a form of respect, but if you really did not want to receive them, the excuses are made to use them.

How to choose them well?

Who not to invite ?

Before you think about making invitations, you need to set a budget that you will have to stick to. When you have to choose between several people, think about this one.

Don’t force yourself to invite people you haven’t given the time of day to in over a year, there’s no point in having people who have no interest in you.

How to ask guests to come without children ?

It is important to agree at the outset that you want to be a part of the circle’to invite the children or not. The same goes for spouses, whom you are not obliged to invite if they have been in the family for only a few months. To get back to the children, it is possible to make them understand as soon as the’invitation that you do not want to have their children at your wedding party. Note on the envelope: Mr. and Mrs. X. If you want to have children, just write: Mr. and Mrs. X and their children or Family X.

Now you know how to make your invitation list, It’s time to have fun and add some fun to a wedding.