All you need to know about liposuction

Liposuction: everything you need to know

Liposuction is a simple solution to quickly regain a slender figure. Erasing pockets of fat can be done relatively quickly. In one operation between two and five liters of fat can be removed from the body.

You will have to pay at least 2000 euros. Explanations.

A definition of liposuction

The words liposuction, liposuction and liposculpture refer to the same procedure: a surgical method whose goal is aesthetic and which allows the removal of fatty deposits. Most often, these pockets of fatty tissue are concentrated in the stomach, the saddlebags, the buttocks, the neck or the knees.

The unit of measurement for the amount of fat removed is the liter and not the kilogram. The reason is simple: the purpose of this operation is to change a shape and not to lose weight. This aspect is important to remember, because it has effects on the rest of the process.

Still on the subject of the volumes of fat removed from the body, if they are too large, it is often recommended to perform two operations to allow the body to regain its strength.

Before the’intervention

To know everything about liposuction, it should be noted that before performing it, it is urgent to consult. This consultation lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. It allows the patient to discuss with the plastic surgeon and the doctor about the treatment’anaesthetist.

After this phase, which is called the “pre-operation check-up”, the person to be operated on will be put on arnica, a homeopathic treatment to avoid bruising.

The purchase of a panty of contention is also recommended. This accessory should be worn immediately after the’intervention. Objective: avoid swelling and limit the risk of inflammation of the water’a vein.

Limitations and contraindications of this operation

If smoking contributes to your mental well-being, rest assured that you will not have to quit smoking long before undergoing liposuction. But for a better healing, you will have to stop smoking four weeks before undergoing the operation.

To avoid any possible problems related to blood thinning, it will also be asked not to take aspirin in the ten days just before the surgery.

As with most surgeries, you will need to refrain from eating for six to seven hours prior to entering the OR.

Depending on whether the liposuction concerns one, two, three or four areas, the prices will be respectively 2000, 3000, 3500 and 4000 €