How to light a Charliebirdy barbecue

How to light a barbecue ?

Summer is fast approaching, and so is the barbecue season. You finally bought a barbecue this year or you plan to do so soon ? You may be wondering how to start your appliance ? This often depends on the type of barbecue. Zoom in on the different ways to light a charcoal barbecuelighting a barbecue and some useful tips.

Choosing the right barbecue for you

If you are looking for good models, the Cdiscount barbecues will be perfect for your personal use. You’ll be spoilt for choice. In fact, you will find charcoal, gas or wood barbecues.

Many well-known brands, such as Weber, are also available on the site.

To make the right choice, you need to know if you prefer the traditional charcoal or gas barbecue. They start differently, but they both deliver delicious grilled food.

How to light a charcoal barbecue ?

To light a charcoal barbecue, first place newspaper in the bottom of your device and place some firewood on top of it. Once this is done, light the newspaper so that it ignites the wood branches. Once it has taken, carefully pour the charcoal over it so as not to extinguish the fire that is slowly taking hold.

It is advisable to blow gently once you see the flames appear so that the fire takes well. Wait until the embers are hot before starting to cook your food.

How to light a charcoal barbecue?

Choosing your coal well

The choosing your charcoal is very important. If you buy poor quality charcoal, you won’t get a nice fire.

You can also choose briquettes instead of charcoal. With this fuel, you will not have ashes at the end. However, this process takes longer to heat up than traditional charcoal.

How to choose your charcoal

And with a fire starter ?

To help you, you can also choose a product called “fire starter”. You will find several types: gel liquids, firelighting blocks or more natural firelighters such as compressed wood, wood wool, wax cubes, etc.

The liquid will allow, for example, to light the newspaper that you have placed in your tank and the blocks will allow to replace the said paper as well as the natural alternatives. Take the time to choose them well in order to select products that are ecological and safe for your health.

Be careful with the products you use to avoid harmful products such as methylated spirits or gasoline. In addition, this type of product will tend to make a lot of smoke. Be careful not to disturb the neighborhood with your barbecue between friends.

The teepee technique

Have you ever tried the tipi technique for your barbecue ? No ? It’s quite simple, just place either a fire starter or newspaper in the center of your tank and place some wood branches around it to form a teepee exit. It will remind you of the wood fires with the scouts !

The teepee technique

How to light a gas barbecue ?

If you haven’t used your gas barbecue for a while, inspect it carefully before using it again. Check the gas cylinder and make sure that the parts are not damaged or worn out.

To light your gas barbecue properly, there are a few guidelines to follow. First, open the lid of your barbecue, then the valves of your gas cylinder and finally the burners.

How to light a gas barbecue?

How to light a wood barbecue ?

Turn on a wood-fired barbecue follows the same rules as a charcoal barbecue, with the difference that here it is not charcoal that is placed on the newspaper and the firewood, but logs.

To keep your barbecue lit throughout your meal, don’t hesitate to add a few logs. The wood-fired barbecue will give a good smell to your food: whether you grill meat, seasonal vegetables or potatoes.

How to light a barbecue easily ?

To easily light a barbecue, there is a device that is still not widely used by lovers of good grilling. It is the lighting chimney.

The lighting chimney

The most effective method, without doubt, is the lighting chimney. Its shape, reminiscent of a chimney, helps contain the fire and accelerates the blaze. Just place a fire starter or newspaper in the bottom of the barbecue and place the coal in the fireplace.

Once the embers have taken well, you only have to distribute them well in your device.

With all these tips, you will become the chief of the barbecue this summer !