The ethical clothing sustainability and respect for the environment

Ethical clothing: sustainability and respect for the environment

Whether in stores or online, the French attach great importance to their fashion purchases. Following the trends in men's and women's clothing has become a way of life, an opportunity to’appear to society as modern, keeping up with the times. But what about the style of clothing purchased ? Are the French ready to sacrifice quality for quantity ? Fortunately not, after a period where the price had value in the eyes of consumers, the value now returns to the durability of clothing & Better to have some reliable clothing, than many’poorly fitting clothes.

Ethical clothing: a safe bet for the French

Ethical clothing is recognized as ecological, qualitative for many people. It is the fruit of’It is a careful work, made with raw materials that respect the environment’environment by local craftsmen. Made in France" ensures compliance with various mandatory standards before sale.

The ethical clothing n’It is in short not really definable but it is above all based on the fundamental and moral principles of the’The company that makes them. Respect for the garment means respect for the wearer. The designers imagine, the workshops of the brand produce, so that each actor finds his place in the production chain.

We're not talking about a new product here’It's not about mass-produced fashion items, but rather about eco-responsible clothing pieces, which highlight local know-how and flawless traceability.

Ethical clothing: is it more expensive? 

The price barrier is always a brake to the’purchase, whatever its type. But in the end, the consumer who swears by the quality of his clothes’responsible purchasing, quickly realizes that’it doesn't spend more than a few dollars’money but especially that’it spends it better. He also preserves his health and that of his family, but at the same time makes a considerable gesture for the planet.

Statistically, the customer will spend more money than if he were to buy a new one’The customer spends a lot of money to renew very often a garment of poor quality. In addition, there is no need to use a fire extinguisher’to attach to it !